Camera “Mir” (1960)

The Mir camera is a version of the Zorkiy-4 camera, reduced in price due to the installation of a simplified shutter (with a maximum exposure of 1 \ 500 s). It was produced for two years from 1959 to 1961, about 150,000 copies were produced.The Mir cameras were the longest-lived development of the German Leica line with a touch of Contax. Mir and Zorkiy-4 were the most successful and reliable Leica copies of that time.

Actually, it had a horizontal focal-plane shutter, an M39 thread for installing lenses, diopter correction in the viewfinder, and an available eyepiece magnification of 0.6 times. The sync contact for flashes is located on the front of the camera, it was possible to install both flashes and an external viewfinder in the shoe.

It also had a cheaper finish of the body as compared to the Zorkiy-4 camera. The film was loaded under the rear removable cover. Supplied with an Industar-50 50mm f3.5 lens (rangefinder) or Jupiter-8. It is not particularly appreciated in the secondary market, so it can be purchased in good condition for almost nothing.

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