PZO AMAR-S 105mm f4.5 m42 (1984)

Lens AMAR-S 105mm – from Polish enlarger for medium format film and prints up to 6x9cm.

Description and ergonomics

It is believed that this glass has not very good characteristics. In principle, it is true. The glass was produced by a Polish optical factory and exported by Varimex. In addition to the AMAR-S 105mm, the MIKAR-S lens with a 55mm focal length was also supplied with the Krokus 4 Color N enlarger.

Also “unmatched” in terms of the quality of optical elements. Industry from the pioneer photodevelopment kit makes these copies in quality, at a lower cost. The AMAR-S does not have a focusing ring, with all the ensuing difficulty of using it without macromechs. Lightweight, f4.5 maximum aperture. When used on a DSLR, it has been observed that normal lens sharpness starts at f8, the grip is very subtle.

At a lower f-number, the picture is covered with moiré, the details of objects disappear. The optics do not hold back light. The diaphragm is 5-blade, the number is switched by turning the plastic hood protruding forward.

Personal opinion

It looks funny on the camera. Can be used for macro photography, but in very limited conditions, again, due to the quality of the optical elements.

In the copy that came to me there was a lot of debris between the lenses, since the disassembly of the lens is very simple (the back ring is unscrewed with two fingers and the element is removed). In the secondary market, AMAR-S costs from zero to two hundred rubles. But, to be honest, it is better to find something from the Vega series at the same price.

Sample photos:

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