FED camera (1953)

FED is a Soviet small-format rangefinder camera, the first model under this brand. In everyday life it is often called “FED-1”, although officially it did not have such an index.

TSVVS (1950)

The camera, assembled at the secret Almaz factory, in the amount of about 1000 copies, was awarded for impeccable service to the officers of the Air Force and Air Defense.

Zenit-L (1955)

Zenit-L, produced in an amount of two pieces, was kept in the museum of STC KMZ until 2005, now it has the status of “LOST”.The L index indicates the presence of an exposure meter.

Zenit-ET (1988)

Actually, a modernized version of Zenit-E, a variation of Zenits 10, 11. It was produced at different times both at KMZ (63 thousand) and at Belomo (about 3 million copies) from 1982 to 1995.

Zenit-12S (1987)

The Zenit-12 (aka TTL) version, improved in terms of assembly and the accuracy of manufacturing units, upgraded for use as part of the “Photosniper-12” set produced by KMZ.