Vega-22UTs 103mm f5.6 m42 (1987)

Another lens for medium format enlargers of the Vega series. As they say, “Vega” is the most successful serieslenses for enlargers manufactured by the Union industry before the well-known events of the 90s.

Description, ergonomics

Vega-22UTs has built-in light filters that allow you to change the tone of the image obtained during photo printing on the fly. Due to the lack of a focusing ring, on SLR cameras the use of this lens is convenient only with the use of macromechs. With them, a range is obtained, covering from macro photography to large portrait.

With extension tubes – focusing is only available in foot mode. Heavy, harsh, a little dark. 6 aperture blades, “nuts” in the out-of-focus area. On the reverse side, the lens has a disc with an m42 thread that rotates around the axis, which simplifies the installation of the lens on the camera / enlarger. The picture quality is good, but there is one drawback. The very built-in filters give strong light scattering and moiré when shooting in backlight.

The camera stands up without any problems. Dimensions – you should consider them when working with this lens. This miracle weighs about 600 grams. With the subsequent RAW development, this, of course, can be removed, but still. Due to the large size of the optical elements, vignetting will not occur even on cameras with a full-frame 35mm sensor. In general, the lens is not bad for playing around, especially considering its price on the secondary market (from 0 to 500 rubles). Correction filters are controlled by two dials on the top of the lens. Produced at the BelOMO plant.

Sample photos on Vega-22UTs

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