Vega-5U 105mm f4 m42 (1987)

Vega-5U 105mm is a medium format enlarger lens that can be put on a digital camera and used as a macro lens.

Description and application Vega-5U 105mm f4 m42 (1987)

Vega-5U 105mm has a very prominent rear projection, due to which installation on cameras is possible only through macro fur or macro rings. The body is metal, Vega-5U 105mm does not have a focusing ring, the diaphragm is 6-blade. The diaphragm is controlled by a zebra-style ring. Aperture switching occurs with clicks and great applied force.

It is better to take pictures with Vega-5U 105mm from an open aperture, so as not to get nuts in the blur zone. By the way, the bokeh of the lens is peculiar – a lens with such blur could be quite successfully used in artistic photography, if you can install it on a SLR camera and control the depth of field.

The quality of the resulting picture is peculiar. A background replete with point light sources is so sharp and contrasted that it blends in with the object in focus. Vega-5U 105mm is a very sharp lens. It is cheap, you can easily find a “play”.

Photos on Vega-5U:

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