Zenit-12S (1987)

The Zenit-12 (aka TTL) version, improved in terms of assembly and the accuracy of manufacturing units, upgraded for use as part of the “Photosniper-12” set produced by KMZ.
The camera has a TTL exposure meter coupled with a shutter speed dial and a Tair-3C lens aperture (review of the lens and a set of photographic weapons). The galvanometer arrow is displayed in the Zenit-12C viewfinder. The viewfinder is darker than other non-TTL zenith models and has a matte-coated micro-raster focusing screen.

The viewfinder eyepiece is round, with projections along the edges for installing an eyecup. Near the eyepiece there is a seat for the battery (RC-53, or foreign analogue, 625-series)

On the body there is an x-sync connector for flash lamps, flashes with a built-in central electrical contact are supported.

In the lower part of the body there is an additional connector for connecting the cable from the Tair-3S lens, through which the exposure meter is connected to the electronics of the diaphragm, and calculates the exposure couple.

Exposure metering takes place at an open aperture, when the trigger of the repeater on the lens is cocked.

The release button is also duplicated on the lower part of the body, with the possibility of fixing the protrusion with a screw in the carriage connector. Has a self-timer, the shutter speed dial allows you to set the curtain shutter speed without cocking it.

The film is loaded under the rear opening cover, the lock is hidden.

The shutter button is combined with the exposure meter and has 2 modes – turning to the right (V) fixes the activation of the exposure meter, turning to the left (T) fixes the shutter button (for shooting at long exposures).

There is a sinking sleeve under the release button, pressing on which turns on the film winding mode and disables the shutter. The camera is of good quality, it is rare apart from the kit, it costs more than Zenit-TTL, and others.

Photo snipers were originally produced for the needs of defense. from 1965 they began to be sold in stores for amateur photographers. The release of the PhotoSniper-12 kits with the Zenit-12S ended in 1990.


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