Zenit-B (1969)

Zenit-V is a simplified version of the Zenit-E camera, there is no exposure meter. It was produced from 1968 to 1973 at KMZ, in total, about 850 thousand copies were produced.Focal focal plane shutter, shutter speed is set when the shutter is cocked. The body is metal, made by injection molding. Material – base steel, upper part – aluminum.

Zenit-B was produced with both M39 and M42 threads for mounting lenses. Due to the increased flange distance on Zenit-B cameras with M39 thread, it is impossible to use rangefinder optics (only macro). They are also found without a shoe for installing flash units, but with a sync contact, as in the photo. For export, they were delivered with the inscription Zenit-B. They are perfect as donors for older models of Zenit-E and ET cameras, as they often have a similar design.

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