Zenit-ET (1988)

Actually, a modernized version of Zenit-E, a variation of Zenits 10, 11. It was produced at different times both at KMZ (63 thousand) and at Belomo (about 3 million copies) from 1982 to 1995.

Description and ergonomics

The device in question is a 1987 release, Belomo. There are many variations – without a light meter, with a hidden back cover lock, with a push diaphragm mechanism.

Zenit-ET has an exposure meter not connected to the exposure head, an external selenium photocell, and a hidden rear cover lock. The body is metal, the top cover is blackened, also made of metal (later versions had a plastic cover).

The expopara is set in the same way as in Zenit-E, using a calculator, according to the readings of the calvanometer needle. Curtain shutter, shutter speeds from B, 1/30, 1/60, 1/125, 1/250, 1/500. Self-timer. The connector for lenses is m42. The eyepiece of the viewfinder is round, on later versions with a plastic cap it is rectangular.

The Zenit-ET shoe has the ability to synchronize with electronic flash units, in addition there is an x-synchronization connector with flash lamps over the wire. The sync switch is combined with the shutter speed head, the sync speed is 1 \ 30 sec. The setting of shutter speeds can take place when the shutter is not cocked.

The film is loaded into Zenit-ET under the rear opening cover, the tape is rewound, the lever is folded into the camera. Widespread, inexpensive.

Can be found in good condition for a small amount. Preference should be given to early versions, due to their greater reliability, and a pleasant appearance. Standard lens – Helios one of the modifications.


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