Zenit-L (1955)

Zenit-L, produced in an amount of two pieces, was kept in the museum of STC KMZ until 2005, now it has the status of “LOST”.The L index indicates the presence of an exposure meter. Built-in external exposure meter. The body of the device resembles a hybrid FED (Sharp), Zenit-S and presented to the public in the spring of 1956, Contax-E. Also, the camera has a similarity with the first “Kiev”, which in fact were copied from Contax.

Despite external coincidences, the camera is a reflex camera, it has a filament mirror drive (nylon line). The Industar-22 lens is a tube lens, but the tube is cut off and fixed in the housing with a screw. Has a separate window for exposure indication. The exposure meter is retracted under the protective cover. In terms of workmanship, it is clearly a pre-production sample, as it has good processing of parts.

In 2005, he disappeared along with other samples of equipment from the museum, but on various foreign sites there are the names of the owners of the photos sent ( A. Kamynin , Yuri Davydenko. On the site of Yuri Davydenko, information on the device was cut along with the rest of the collection wonders of the KMZ ).


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