Adapters М42

If you have an old lens with M42 thread, then to work on digital cameras you will need an M42x1 adapter for your system.

Briefly about M42 adapters

A very useful purchase, which, in principle, you can carve yourself – old lenses are very cheap, information and specifications are available on the Internet. However, for example, my skill in this area is quite low, and therefore I preferred to take advantage of the suggestions of our Chinese counterparts. I approached the choice of the camera proceeding from the maximum compatibility with common Soviet optics, and did not regret it.

M42 adapter for Canon

Despite all the nuances, most cameras allow the installation of old lenses through the appropriate adapter. The easiest way is to put old lenses from old DSLR cameras on Canon and mirrorless cameras, for which there is an adapter. Lenses from rangefinder cameras can be put on mirrorless cameras without any problems.

For example, lenses

Industar 61L \ Z
Industar 50-2
– Jupiter-9

They have M42 threads and were installed on SLR cameras . They, for example, on cameras with Canon EF mount, can be installed through the thin adapter M42-EF.


Industar-61 L \ D

Although it can be installed on SLR cameras, they will have a limited focusing distance, since these glasses were designed for rangefinder cameras without a mirror, which had smaller dimensions. Such lenses are usually M39 threaded and can be installed through the M39 adapter on the corresponding mirrorless camera (Sony NEX, EOS M, Nikon 1, Fujifilm X-A2 b, and others). They will work one hundred percent on mirrorless cameras, but even if we pervert and put M39-M42 through the adapter ring, and then from M42 to a SLR camera, then nothing worthwhile will come of it without global alterations of the lens itself.

Adapter М42 to Nikon

This does not apply to SLR cameras like Nikon – for DSLRs, you still need to redesign the lens, and in principle, the cameras themselves are sharpened more for electronically controlled optics. Well, or look for an adapter with a lens for these cameras. On cameras of the D5100 type, it will be possible to shoot only in M ​​mode. In other modes, the camera says “Lens not attached”. Canon is much simpler in this regard.

Adapter М42 to Canon EOS R

By the way, if you have a Canon EOS R system, you can use an adapter to attach Canon EF lenses to it. It is not clear how much more is allotted to this bayonet, but most likely, EF will soon be replaced by EOS R, because the main problem of rangefinder cameras has been solved a long time ago.

Where to buy an adapter M42

In general, the alignment is extremely clear, and I bring to your attention the list of adapters below:

– Canon EF / EF-S adapter M42-Canon EOS (without a chip or with a chip ).
– Canon EF-M adapter M42- Canon EF-M .
– Nikon DX / FX, as well as Fujifilm and Kodak with Nikon F mount, M42-Nikon F adapter with and without lens . – Nikon 1 adapter M42-Nikon 1 . – Pentax K adapter the M42-the Pentax the K . – Pentax Q adapter M42-Pentax Q . – Sony / Minolta A adapter M42-Sony A ( without or with a chip ). – Sony NEX and Sony Alpha E-mount adapter M42-Sony E (M42-Sony Nex) .
– Four Thirds, aka 4/3 (Olympus, Panasonic) M42-4 / 3 adapter
– Micro Four Thirds – Olympus, Panasonic, Kodak, Xiaomi with Micro 4/3 bayonet (Micro 4: 3) M42-Micro 4 adapter / 3 .
– For cameras with Fujifilm X mount, M42-Fuji X adapter .
– Samsung NX M42-Samsung NX adapter .
– Leica M adapter M42-L / M .
– For the Leica T-mount adapter the M42-of L / T .
– The adapter ring M39-M42 can be purchased here .
– Adapter М42-EOS R

Through an adapter ring from M39 to M42, it can be used together with M42 adapters for your system for lenses of early SLR cameras, such as Tair-11. When ordering, it should be borne in mind that cheap M42 adapters of poor quality with a lens on the Nikon F mount significantly spoil the picture. Adapters without a lens reduce the maximum focusing range (due to the difference in focal lengths). Adapters from M42 with chips come across poor quality, exposure metering and focus confirmation on some models of Canon, Nikon cameras may suffer from this.