Category «Lens series»

Jupiter lens series

Jupiter is a family of Zonnar-type anastigmata photographic lenses produced in the USSR since 1948. Most of the “Jupiters” are designed for small format cameras, but the same name is also used by some cinema lenses, as well as optics for special types of equipment.

MTO lens series (Maksutova)

MTO  is a family of mirror-lens telephoto lenses of the system of Professor D. D. Maksutov with a high degree of tele-shortening. Due to multiple reflection of light inside the lens, the length of its barrel is several times shorter than the focal length.

Series of lenses “Rubinar”

Rubinar is a family of mirror-meniscus lenses with a large focal length, manufactured at the Lytkarino Optical Glass Plant (OJSC LZOS). Lenses of this family are intended for use as interchangeable lenses for small format single-lens reflex cameras.